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Open Access *Starting in April 2023*

The workshop is available for booking Monday to Thursday 9 - 5.

Evenings and weekends are also a possibility, please contact me to discuss. If you would like to book for editioning or a particular project there is a discount for bookings of a week or more.

1/2 Day/ Day rate: £15/ £30

5 or more days: £25/ day

All users must visit and have an induction before using the workshop. The space can accommodate groups of up to 4 and there is a charge of £10 per extra person. There are concessions for students, recent graduates and people on low wages.

Molly is available for tuition in relief printmaking (linocut, etched lino, woodcut and relief collagraph) or editioning. Tuition includes all materials and sessions can be tailored to a participant's interests or project.

Half day mini workshop: £60

Day rate: £150

2 Day masterclass: £300

Molly is always interested in collaborations and suggestions! Come and walk the hedgerows, draw, talk printmaking and share skills. Get in touch.

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